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Tips & TricksContent
Attachments: Drag and Drop Drag one or multiple attachments onto messages; Works with Firefox 3.6 or later and with Google Chrome 
Conversations: Change the Subject Start a new thread by changing the subject 
Conversations: Conversations vs. Messages Work with individual message in a conversation or with the entire stack of messages 
Conversations: Seeing New Replies in a Thread See the original sender along with the last few people who replied. If you sent a reply, you'll see yourself listed as 'me'. 
Conversations: See What in Your Reply While viewing or composing a message Gmail hides previous replies copied into a message from an earlier part of the thread. View hidden text prior to sending 
Conversations: Unthread your Inbox  Switch back to the traditional unthreaded view where all messages are listed separately 
Images: Drag Images into Messages Additional drag and drop functionality for Chrome users. (Non-Chrome users can still insert images through the browse dialog box.)  
Inbox: Archive Old Mail Unclutter your Inbox. Archiving is like putting things in the closet and closing the door! Of course, you can still delete things you don't really need/want 
Inbox: Create Email Filters Automatically manage similar types of messages based on any combination of criteria 
Inbox: Priority Inbox  Decide which messages are important and which messages can be read later with a customized Priority Inbox 
Keyboard Shortcuts Keyboard shortcuts help you save time by allowing you to never take your hands off the keyboard to use the mouse 
Labels: Drag and Drop Labels and Messages Drag and drop labels onto messages; Drag single or multiple messages onto labels 
Labels: Nested Lables If you liked creating folder heirarchies in FirstClass you will like nested labels in Gmail 
Search Messages: "Sort" with Keyword Search Quickly find messages from a specific person or with a specific subject line 
Search Messages: Use Quick Links Save searches you frequently use and run again with the click of a mouse 
Signature: Rich Text Formatting Add pizzazz to your email signature with formatting, links, and images 
Showing 16 items